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Team truck drivers are needed to speedily move freight across the country.  Due to federal driving rules, drivers are required to take certain breaks.  Teams also have to follow these rules but since there are two drivers, one can drive while the other sleeps so freight can move seamlessly rather than have to be stopped for 10 hour sleep breaks every day by a solo driver so you can see why team driving jobs are in demand.


Since there are two drivers the money is split unless it goes to a single household such as a husband/wife.  Even if it's split by two independent people, generally each can make more money as a team due to more miles and more pay per mile so you can see how team driving jobs would be a great benefit.  Team driving adds a new caveat though; a close relationship in a confined area!  You really need to be sure that you will be able to get along with a teammate for extended periods of time as long as 2-3 months.  Generally, you can get home much sooner than this, but a 6-8 weeks is common for a lot of teams.


It also should be a little easier to be safer being a team member.  For example, my wife and I use walkie-talkies to communicate while backing making backing accident errors non-existent; a luxury not available to solo drivers.  I've actually talked her into a spot during a snowstorm and a heavy rain where both times the lights were out and it was extremely difficult, as a driver, to see what you are doing.


Team driving jobs are in demand and we are always looking for teams.  There are some requirements including having a   Class-A CDL and 6 months of driving experience.  If interested, please don't hesitate to contact us to see if you meet requirements and find out more about our offer.

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